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How Purpose and Adaptability Transformed our Company


Although WWC is now a people focused Digital Transformation advisory, it was originally born a digital marketing agency (World Wide Creative) back in 2001. We were one of the earliest pure digital agencies in South Africa, at a time when it felt a little like the Wild West.

But just over three years ago we decided to pivot our business completely. The Marketing industry was changing dramatically and along with my business partners, Louis and Fred, I no longer felt our position within the industry aligned with both the companies and my own underlying purpose in life, which was to help organisations realise their potential. Many mid-sized agencies like ourselves were becoming subservient to the now greatly improved internal capability driving the marketing departments within the brands.

I therefore shifted our business focus to where we felt the most impact could be made within the organisations we worked with. We combined the unique positioning we had as digital experts with my own HR and human behaviour background and the educational knowledge gained from growing the Heavy Chef events, workshops and platform we had run for over 10 years, in order to focus on the leadership and organisational change needed to thrive in rapidly changing times.

If you are interested to her a little more about our own change story and the lessons we learnt when pivoting our business, I was recently interviewed by my business partner and CEO of heavy Chef, Fred Roed.

We talk about the importance of purpose and how that drove us, the changes we had to make to structures and how we had to paint a picture of potential and become more agile and adaptable.

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