Why it’s important to get an outside perspective on your DX journey

Every organisation has a particular way of viewing things. That’s what makes our cultures unique and our points of view differentiation in the marketplace. But equally so, it means we can be blind to certain things.

Even the best companies in the world have their blinkers on when making key decisions. They can be the most progressive company with the best intentions in the world, but they will always view their world through a particular lens.

When it comes to digital transformation you want to make sure you are looking at all the opportunities and focusing on the areas that present the biggest problems to your company first.

This is where gaining a fresh perspective from an outsider can add so much value to your business. We use outside advisors and consultants in our organisation for that very reason. It helps us to challenge the way we think and pushes us out of our comfort zone in order to grow.

Using an outside specialist for Digital Transformation can help to overcome many of the internal challenges companies face around business structure, business design or just plain politics.

It’s weird, you know how when your wife tells you something over and over again and you just ignore her. Then a friend tells you the same thing and you go back to your wife and say, “I’ve had a great bit of advice”. What happens in business too. Take away the dynamics of familiar relationships and people tend to listen more to solutions around difficult problems as politics is partly removed from the equation.

A specialised DX team can help to work on a specific project, where you may lack the internal capability, but if they have a people focus they can also help address the key people issues that are prevalent due to the change DX brings.

So find someone you can trust, someone that has not just a tech focus but a people one too and get an outside view. It will add more value than almost anything else you can do on your digital transformation journey.

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